The Bible of the Poor


It is not a leather-bound book
standing proudly on a rosewood shelf.
It does not curse at misbelievers,
and cannot be used as an excuse.

Manuscript penned for every child of God,
calligraphy on silk paper,
it is the Bible of the Poor and consists of
only one word written in all languages.

Both the Blind and the Illiterate
can read those simple lines of light
for the Heart already knows
the Word revealed in the Bible of the Poor,

the only way that we can live,
the only way that we can grow,
the Bible of the Poor,
la Bible de l’Amour.

© Frédéric Georges Martin

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Raindrops on head



Understand fear origin fulfilling pants mat
totally, completely one fair paper towel
intelligent exciting free comparing mechanical
watercolors inwardly conforming imitation of Christ
movement conscious deeply rooted never scared
so barefoot pajamas physical not becoming
point to point learning relationships, darkness, living
secure past, present, future superficially state escape
millions of years limited thought God paralyzed
sunrise, sunset chronologically lacking verbal entertain-
ment now quietly unconsciously aware material
process over and over again propaganda again
inquiry delve explanation pattern move away,
bring about small streams breaks knuckles
healthy perfect response computer brain dies
all over the place great sense of paintings stone
Pieta, Cathedrals, atom bombs, rituals, saviors
extraordinary disorder scientist, inventor
never scared listened waste experience
Agony, loneliness, despair, love accumulation
contents of consciousness, belief, faith, habit
remembrance amnesia order abundance carefully
living, contributing essence intelligent exciting
free together you only obviously Matisse’s studio.