Reality has been
a surreal horror film
Trumps bombarded
their decisions
she ought to follow
an’ she’s lived up long enough
in that shadow
forgot there’s life
to be explored
could she make a change?
She doubts, resists.

The real question then
reveals: ‘Will anything be
the way she wants if she didn’t?’

It won’t!?
Answer immediately follows
stop that smile hollow
hiding lake of sorrow
with conscious acton,
criticizing, realizing what’s wrong
identifying your faults
acknowledging disasters you’ve created
and start mending!

Becoming the sunrise reality
you seek, you dream.

Dream better tomorrow.


Raindrops on head



Understand fear origin fulfilling pants mat
totally, completely one fair paper towel
intelligent exciting free comparing mechanical
watercolors inwardly conforming imitation of Christ
movement conscious deeply rooted never scared
so barefoot pajamas physical not becoming
point to point learning relationships, darkness, living
secure past, present, future superficially state escape
millions of years limited thought God paralyzed
sunrise, sunset chronologically lacking verbal entertain-
ment now quietly unconsciously aware material
process over and over again propaganda again
inquiry delve explanation pattern move away,
bring about small streams breaks knuckles
healthy perfect response computer brain dies
all over the place great sense of paintings stone
Pieta, Cathedrals, atom bombs, rituals, saviors
extraordinary disorder scientist, inventor
never scared listened waste experience
Agony, loneliness, despair, love accumulation
contents of consciousness, belief, faith, habit
remembrance amnesia order abundance carefully
living, contributing essence intelligent exciting
free together you only obviously Matisse’s studio.